Registration Open for ELEVATE 2024: Haverhill

Game Anglia is excited to announce that we have been awarded funding from Suffolk Community Foundation, through the Suffolk Serious Violence Prevention Fund, to deliver the next installment of our ELEVATE programme series. 

Focused on sharing authentic stories based on lived experience, ELEVATE 2024: Haverhill will provide 50 young people in Haverhill with a strong foundation in games development. Across five workshops led by games industry experts, participants will get hands-on with a variety of game engines, disciplines and key communication skills.  

The programme will be split into two cohorts – the first cohort from July to August and the second cohort from August to September. ELEVATE 2024: Haverhill will culminate in a game jam for all participants to collaborate and use their new skills. Registration for Round 1 will be open from Monday 17 June to Wednesday 10 July. Registration for Round 2 will be open from Monday 22 July – Wednesday 14 August. 

Game Anglia will be collaborating with local authorities and community groups to ensure young people who would most benefit from the programme have access. 

Mark Backler, Co-founder of Game Anglia, says “Receiving this funding from the Suffolk Serious Violence Prevention Fund is a great milestone for Game Anglia. We are eager to help empower Haverhill’s young people through our ELEVATE programme by equipping them with beneficial skills and opportunities in games development.” 

Register for ELEVATE 2024: Haverhill:  

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