Navee Mentee Interview – Duncan

How did you find out about the Navee Mentorship?
Robin Milton used to work for the company I’m working for now and it was passed on to the school and I thought it would be very interesting to join.

Why did you apply, specifically?
Specifically, I wanted to develop my skills in particular for animation and I just wanted to look some things over that I’ve been very interested in learning over a long period of time, just haven’t had time to really sit down and do it.

At this point, what do you think Navee has helped you with overall? So, how has it improved your skills?
I think it’s given me a sounding board in particular for my work and to get an idea of what I’m doing right, where I’m not doing so well, and what I could do to improve overall.

Has anything changed as a result of the mentorship?
Yes, I’ve actually changed a little bit of my practices in terms of working. I work as a freelancer. Part of the issues I’ve had in the past have been things like working on projects but being so boxed into an idea that I don’t think around the box sometimes. So, that’s been quite useful to get a soundboard, it really helps with the whole creative process. Not just to be so stuck in one particular
way of working.

How have you and your mentor worked together to achieve the goals you set?
What we’ve done is that we’ve had weekly meetings, so we always have an updated meeting. So, we just go through the stuff we’ve been planning for, and then afterwards, we look at our work or
look at my work and discuss. For example, I’ve been trying to implement this and then he’ll be like have you thought about this or this, basically to bounce ideas around.

Is there anything you’d like to add about the mentorship or anything you want to mention?
I think it’s very useful, and from an education point of view I think it’d be quite useful to some of our past students as well. We have a contact spreadsheet for live people in the industry. I think Robin might have made it. But, in regards to that, I think that it would be exceptionally useful for our year two students to have a member of a team or an industry expert who arrange meetings
with them or even if they just have a text based dialogue, like an email back and forth.

What’s your current job role?
I’m a teacher, a course leader at access creative college and I’m a multi pathway teacher so I teach media and games.

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