Join Mike Bithell on the 6th of November at the Waterfront Building of the University of Suffolk in Ipswich

Fresh off the release of John Wick Hex, BAFTA Award winning Mike Bithell, will be speaking at Game Anglia.

Quote from Mike Bithell

“I’m looking forward to speaking to the next generation of game developers being educated in Suffolk. I’ve always enjoyed meeting and working with students and new talent, and it’s great to meet everyone from self-trained devs to students at events like this.”

Joining him are University of Suffolk graduates Brad Smith and Diego Ricchiuti, both of whom have started their own successful game development studios.

Diego Ricchiuti, Creative Director at Ignition Publishing, said

“Coming back to the University of Suffolk and helping the students there has been something I wanted to do for a long time. I owe my game development education and many of the early opportunities I had to this university, and it’s great to give back!”

University and College Games students can sign up to the event using this link:


What is Game Anglia?

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