5 East of England students gain work placements with NoMoon from Game Anglia Network Pilot

Game Anglia Network, the biggest online community of game development students in the East of England, have just successfully delivered their first pilot.
In partnership with NoMoon, they took in 50 students in the community and set them a series of tasks around 3D art, Unity programming, Game and Level Design. NoMoon offered at least 1 summer work placement as a result..
Out of the 50 students that signed up, 46 joined the Network and 17 made it through to the game jam. The students are from all over the East of England, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, both from Further Education and Higher Education institutions; all studying games.
What happened next?
Over 4 weeks, the students did a series of tasks every week, and got feedback from NoMoon during a weekly video call streamed to the Network. The students came up with innovative game design ingredients, level ideas, Unity UI and animations and 3D models. For the 4th week, the students were placed in 4 teams and participated in a game jam with the theme “You Must Leave it Behind”.
The CEO of NoMoon, Francisc Apostu, was so impressed by the work of the students and their progress that they decided to offer not one, but five work placements, split into: 3D art, game and level design and programming disciplines to students from the University of Suffolk, Colchester Institute and College of West Anglia.
Chris Filip, Game Anglia co-founder, said
We are so happy that we are able to demonstrate the skills that these young people are learning by providing a platform for them to meet each other across institutions and collaborate, as well as work with industry professionals. The NoMoon pilot demonstrated the strength of the Game Anglia Network as well as the rising quality of the game development education in the East of England.
Francisc Apostu, NoMoon CEO, said

At NoMoon, we believe in proactivity and being self driven. As a game development company with developers across 5 continents, we are happy to offer this summer work placements to the students in the Game Anglia Network who have demonstrated our core values.

Contact details: chris.filip@gameanglia.co.uk

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