Game Anglia is looking for talent!

As the organisers of the biggest game development conference in the East of England, we are looking for talented individuals to join our team as we expand to new counties and have exciting new events coming up! We are an inclusive organisation, and encourage all young people to apply!
Graphic Design Intern
Firstly, a graphic designer to work with us and help create banners, posters and presentations which will enable us to keep our brand recognisable and on point. The time availability would be between 1-8 hours a week, depending on how close we would be to events.
Social Media Intern
We are looking for a social media manager to help us take care of our Twitter and Facebook feeds, engaging in conversations about game development and game development education events in the UK. You would also create and follow a posting schedule and work with our graphic designer to create required graphics. It’s a plus if you know how to use image editing software yourself too. Your time availability would be between 1-4 hours a week.
Community Manager
We are also looking for a Discord Community Manager to join us and help make the Game Anglia Network safe, friendly and engaging. The Game Anglia Network will, in time, develop to be the biggest game development student network in the East of England, connecting students across geographical areas and helping companies learn more about how to engage those students. This role would see you keep the community engaged through posts and conversations as well as working with the game development companies in the Network to get awesome giveaways and share the opinions present in the Network. This role would see you put in between 4-12 hours a week in managing the Discord community.
All roles are, at the moment, on a voluntary basis, just like everyone else involved with Game Anglia. As we grow, we hope to be able to turn these roles into paid ones. In return for your time, we will help you grow your skills, be able to provide recommendations, give you free entry to all our events and put you in touch with the speakers and partners in our network.
Email or or slide into our Twitter DMs  if you’re interested in any of the above.

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