Ended - 2021

Level Up

Helping 17 young people who are not in education, employment or training make and publish their first mobile game on the Google Play Store.

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The purpose of the Games Pathways Programme built by Game Anglia to help young people gain the skills necessary to gain an entry-level role in the games or a games-adjacent industry. Throughout this programme, the goal is to learn the basics of game development culture, project management, marketing, social media and quality assurance, and have the opportunity to make your own small game.

Throughout the course, experts from all of these fields will be available to learn from and help you. Guest speakers will join the workshops to help the participants understand the career paths ahead of them, be it to apply for a junior position in a games company, sign up for a further course at university or college or start working as a freelancer. 

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At Game Anglia, we take a hands-on approach to education. Through our range of events, workshops, and initiatives, we empower individuals to learn, create, discover, and promote. Whether you're a budding game designer looking to gain essential industry skills, or an independent studio seeking expert guidance, our programmes are designed to foster talent and propel you towards your game development aspirations.