Ended - 29.09.2022


Through webinars, workshops, and the Story Jam, young participants crafted digital stories, honed skills, and connected with gaming industry professionals.

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The project embarked on an enriching journey to educate and immerse participants in the world of game-making. This was achieved through a series of online events, including 4 webinars, 4 workshops, and a weekend-long online game-making activity known as "The Story Jam". The course was meticulously structured into three distinct parts:

Webinars: These were designed to set the stage and provide a foundational understanding of the game-making process. Topics covered in the webinars included writing for games, the intricacies of giving and receiving feedback, the dynamics of running a narrative game studio, and insights into publishing interactive narrative games on platforms like Itch.io.

Workshops: These sessions were hands-on and aimed at imparting practical skills. Participants delved deep into four game-making software tools: Twine, Charisma.ai, Ink, and Microsoft MakeCode Arcade.

The Story Jam: This was the culmination of the learning process, where participants were encouraged to integrate into an online community of peers. The objective was to create a game that could be played, shared with the world, and celebrated.

A unique aspect of the program was the involvement of game industry professionals in delivering each segment. This not only provided participants with invaluable insights but also facilitated connections within the local and UK-wide games industry. Notable contributors included Maz Hemming, a Brixton-based Game Developer and Narrative Designer; Olivia Wood, a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and Clapham-based Narrative Designer; and Tom Kail, a BAFTA-nominated Game Designer.

For those interested in revisiting the sessions, recordings of the webinars and workshops are available on Game Anglia’s Youtube channel.



The webinars tackled the following subjects:

Writing for games

Giving and receiving feedback

Running a games studio that is making a narrative game

Publishing your interactive narrative game on the Itch.io platform and counter-culture

The workshops deep dived into each of the 4 pieces of software which could be used to make games during the Story Jam:





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