Milo Skene from 18-07 will be joining us to talk about building resilience as an entrepreneur in the Digital Creative space.

Milo is a Dealmaker for the Global Entrepreneur Programme, focussing predominantly on Latin America, helping innovative high potential tech companies relocate to the UK.

He is also a Master Coach, Managing Director and Co-Founder of 18-07 Careers. The 18-07 team have coached people throughout the world from small Tech scale-ups to some of the largest organisations in the world including Amazon, HSBC, Civil Service, Deloitte, BP and Goldman Sachs.

Previously Milo had been in the British Army for 12 years. Here he trained, mentored and coached over 1,000 people of varying nationalities for Counter Insurgency Operations across the globe.

We caught up with him to discuss his philosophy:

Our company 18-07 started when 3 people met for a coffee. We were talking about how support for people throughout our careers was not adequate. Professional support can help people realise their potential and achieve career goals faster.

For example, it’s extremely difficult when you are experiencing a sudden, unexpected job transition. We realised people needed help maximising their potential as a candidate and making the best next move.

We wanted to help people to reignite their career and leave the job frustration behind. Through reviewing their psychometric profile, we can understand their unique motivations and help them finding the best role that fits with their potential.

Encouraging people to start realising the value of their unique experience. Improving their potential networking and being the best version of themselves at job interviews helps them get more out of their career.

We believe in the importance that training, mentoring and coaching can have. There has been extensive research conducted in recent years showing the benefits of professional guidance; we can help clients by improving their chances of success and productivity at both an individual and organisation level.

The effect is not only visible in the enhancement of careers – it resonates into all aspects of people’s lives.  

Milo will be joining us to discuss the following with us:

Resilience is a transitional skill – you can apply it to your team, yourself and your business, no matter what that business might be. Through this presentation and discussion with Milo, we will get a glimpse into each of those 3 areas.

Milo’s extensive experience working for the Department of International Trade will feed into his insights, which can be applied at any level of business or personal matters – especially if you work in Tech or Digital Creative.

You will be able to join in for a Q&A at the end and talk about the particular needs of your business.

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