Speaker Cathie tells us why growing up in South Africa shaped her philosophy:

I am hard-wired for clarity and transparency. When you grow up in a culture that creates a complex narrative to obscure the lies – you search for truth. Honesty increases expectations and encourages fearlessness. 

I love reframing stories that insist, “things have always been this way, they will never change.” While I was being raised, Nelson Mandela was being subjected to trial and imprisonment.  A powerful ‘bias-for-change’ was set in my DNA early on. I grew to value truth, character and transformation in equal measure.

I am a compassionate truth-teller, listener, change-agent. My career as an educator led to a fulfilling role as an academic principal, but the political climate propelled me into grass-roots politics, where I focused on restoring voter engagement for South Africa’s first democratic election. 

I moved to the UK in 2000. (Spoiler alert – speaking English does not shield you from culture shock) I know what it means to start again – to examine your identity, your values and your purpose.

Enjoying a career crossing nations, cultures and industries has fine-tuned my skills as a catalyst and a disrupter. I now thrive as a coach, mentor and thinking partner with founders, leaders and other fearless adventurers.

You can hear Cathie’s inspring talk about imposter syndrome by signing up at the link below:

Sign up for Cathie’s talk here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dealing-with-imposter-syndrome-realising-your-own-value-tickets-110256281506

More info on Cathie’s work here: https://www.cathiejeannot.com

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