Kayla Conley tells us about what drives her to help others speak in public…

I have over 15 years of public speaking experience behind me and, although I have a degree in finance, an MBA and I worked in the City of London for a number of years. I believe that helping people fulfil their need for self-expression is my true calling.

I spoke at my graduation and continue to attend speaking competitions and it was in 2013 that I received an award for the most improved speaker in my club. I later completed my Women’s Institute speaking audition and went on to deliver my showcase as a professional speaker at the London Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and became a member there in January of 2016.

I remember practicing readings most Saturdays for Mass on Sundays during my adolescent years, with Devon Nash – a young priest who would listen and encourage me to raise my voice and pause. I was a shy child and had the tendency to be an introverted teenager. Devon knew all too well the look on Monsignor Bryan’s face when I’d stand at the alter and read from the wrong page or I would be engulfed with nervousness so that one leg would be shaking uncontrollably while the congregation waited patiently for me to echo the responsorial Psalm in an inaudible trembling voice.

This was embarrassing, but I kept going. Now I know how to alleviate these issues for my clients.

When I’m not speaking, my other passions are gardening and cycling in nature. I also have days when I will rustle up a good dish as I love foods from many different parts of the world. I really do love a tasty meal and travelling and learning about other cultures and people.

Kayla will be advising us on how to present ourselves for the digital presentation era, with plenty of tips and advice, we expect this to be a hands on discussion.


You can sign up to Kayla’s talk here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pitch-your-business-remotely-speaking-with-confidence-tickets-110249982666

Learn more about Kayla here: https://kaylaconley.com/


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