Twitch Partner, Streamer & Online Influencer

CyborgAngel is a Partnered Twitch Streamer and Online Influencer. Her hard work, complex stream layout and ability to stay one step ahead, made her a fast-rising internet personality, gaining Twitch Partnership and going fulltime in just over a year. Her ideas, stream quality and production values have since become a trendsetter and standard that many new and upcoming fellow streamers aim for.

Now continuing to grow her channel, becoming the face of the VR and looking at branching into presenting, hosting and even voice acting. CyborgAngel is recognized in both the UK and worldwide; at gaming events.

But it didn’t start there, Cyborg made her career move into gaming after unhappily working in an insurance sales office for several years. Since this jump and it’s insane success, Cyborg’s been sponsored by Corsair and Spotify, appeared on the BBC’s “The Gaming Show”, starred in the “Pro Streamer Series” by ScanComputers; which was all about her, her computer setup and stream advice, and was this year shortlisted as a finalist by MCV Women In Games awards as `Influencer Of The Year.

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