Andy Green

Senior Technical Artist at Bossa Studios

Andy began his journey in the games industry with Bossa Studios at the start of 2011 as an Animator and 3D generalist on their first, and Bafta-winning title, Monstermind. Since then Andy has grown with the studio, working on a further 6 titles, including I am Bread, countless game jams and to date Bossa’s most ambitious title, Worlds Adrift.


Andy’s now a senior member of the Studio and technical artist with experience ranging from many facets of the modern-day realtime art pipeline, through to programming and artist wrangling. His daily responsibilities bridge the gap between artists and programmers, gameplay and visuals programming, and generally anything else which needs to be done to make things happen.


When Andy’s not making games for Bossa, he’s still creating in his spare time with personal projects, miniature painting, and of course gaming – where there’s spare time.

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