Abbie Heppe

Communications Manager at Media Molecule

Abbie Heppe is the Communications Manager for Media Molecule, the award-winning developer of LittleBigPlanet and Tearway, currently working on the game/creativity engine, Dreams.

Her experience in games has spanned media, television production, communications and voice acting. Starting in print media as an editor at Tips & Tricks Magazine, she then transitioned into television as the Senior Games Content Producer for X-Play on G4TV as well as producing content for G4tv.com and co-hosting their award-winning podcast, Feedback.

She then transitioned to the development side of games, managing communications and building a community from scratch for then start-up Respawn Entertainment. She also lent her voice to Titanfall character Sarah Briggs. Heppe has delivered talks and participated in panels at game conventions around the world and has also hosted the awards at the Game Developer’s Convention.

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