Lynne Liu

Head of Art / Pixion Games

Lynne Liu

Lynne is Head of Art at Pixion Games, a start up developing the next generation of MOBA games on mobile, and the second person to join the team besides the founder. She is also an Art Director on Lost Words, a multi award winning game set in a young girls diary, recently winning UKIE’s UK Game of the Show award at Gamescom 2017. She has previously worked at mobile startup TrulySocial as a founding team Lead Artist, and at King on titles such as Shuffle Cats and Farm Heroes. She is an artist that covers both 2D and 3D art, and as a manager, is passionate about building teams that are supportive and help each other realise their potential.

My sessions

Remote Development Panel

Atrium Building

A panel of industry professionals talk remote development, tools and processes they use to manage the team’s workload and members across continents.

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