Gareth Glover

Game Director / Ubisoft

Gareth is what you would call an industry veteran, which just means he’s old!

He has been involved with video-games for pretty much all of his working life – starting out as a lowly tester and occupying various roles; from level-designer, to 3D artist, game designer, content-director and currently game-director. During his time in the industry, he was lucky enough to work with some amazing teams at Interplay, RARE, Eurocom, FreeStyleGames, Codemasters and Ubisoft and on some epic brands: Banjo Kazooie, PERFECT DARK, MDK, FALLOUT, GRiD, DiRT, F1, DJ HERO and ASSASSINS CREED. He also had the privilege of being asked to judge the video game BAFTAs two years running, as well as judging numerous game jams and young achiever awards.

Gareth loves video games, as they’re ever evolving, always improving and constantly pushing technology – what’s not to love!

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Looking at what it means to be a 'game designer' in today's gaming industry