Cosmin Burescu

Development Tester / Ubisoft

Cosmin is 26 years old and he’s from Bucharest, Romania.

He has been a gamer since 6, when he first discovered the wannabe, made in China, Sega game console, with cartridges, and it all went serious when he got his first, 4Gb HDD, 32Mb RAM, on board video card, Pentium II PC 🙂

After his first year of university he started looking for a job, first applying at EA unsuccessfully, and then at Ubisoft, who accepted him; it was probably for the better. He had been a game tester at Ubisoft for 5 years when he joined the DevTest department, which works directly with the production team in the studio.

He worked on 7 Ubisoft projects that have already been released, from series like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Division and Watch_Dogs.

The Industry of Game Testing

The Industry of Game Testing – Cosmin Burescu

Atrium Building

16:40 PM: The Industry of Game Testing – Cosmin Burescu Game testing is the second most important part of developing a game, apart its actual production. It is more commonly known as the quality control (QC or QA) of games, which consists of finding, evaluating and documenting the errors/defects (bugs) found in the games. There […]

Game Development

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