Alex Simion

Lead Gameplay Programmer & Indie Developer / Ubisoft

Alex is a lead gameplay programmer by day and an indie developer by night, walking the edge between the high demands of AAA games and the freedom of expressing his creativity.

He started to make games on the first day he got on a computer (Z80) and kept the passion ever since. After 17 years in the industry he knows a bit of everything, from 3D programming to scripting, from pixel art to VR, from game design to storytelling, from AAA to mobile and board games. In the last year, his focus turned mostly to gameplay and creativity.

He’s known to bother designers with fresh ideas and scare producers by pushing expensive high-quality features. He worked on big titles like Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs. He is the creator of the DizzyAGE engine and the community of fans behind it. He published a short sci-fi story on Amazon and a mobile game for kids on iOS. He’s currently developing a party game called Raiders of the Lost Island.

From Jam to Gem

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From Jam to Gem – Alex Simion

Atrium Building

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