Indie showcase

Indie games from all over the world

Indie game development is at the very heart of Game Anglia. The Indie showcase area highlights 17 entertaining and engaging experiences for both paid and free ticket holders. These titles are works of passion by a range of talented developers. Visitors are encouraged to visit the myriad of developers and enjoy a selection of hand-picked games from tranquil mobile games to frantic eight-player shooters.  

All of the games at Game Anglia will be entered into our “Players’ Choice” award, so please vote for the game that connected with you the most using the forms provided.

At 6PM we will count the votes and announce the Players’ Choice for Game Anglia 2017. That game will not only win a free all-access pass to Casual Connect in London next January, but will also be entered into the PGC Indie Prize awards during the show.

Awards and gaming fame await the victor!

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