Jed Palmer

Project Manager at Code Kingdoms

Jed is currently Project Manager at Code Kingdoms, an educational gaming company which is Roblox’s primary educational partner. There, he makes sure production continues to run smoothly and helps guide the product so that it continues to align with Roblox’s aims. Previously, Jed left education to create a small games studio, making overhaul mods for Minecraft. He grew this up to a 15 strong team, developing multiple parallel products for a niche audience. The company worked on internal projects, as well as with large online influencers, creating games for their audiences. In his spare time, he likes cooking and making even more games. You can find him on Twitter @peraldon.

My Sessions

“Going at it alone” Panel with studio founders – University of Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire STEM Building

In this panel, studio owners and independent creators will discuss how they got started, what the challenges and rewards are for starting your own games studio as opposed to getting a job in the industry. The panel is split between prepared questions by the Game Anglia team and an open-mic Question and Answer session, with […]