Ellen Vandenbruwaene

Producer at Bohemia Interactive

Ellen is a 23-year-old producer located in Brno, Czech Republic. She found her passion for game development by following Digital Arts and Entertainment in Kortrijk, Belgium. She started the courses focused on Indie gaming. A basic of programming, art, data management, business management but during college she found more and more her way towards the production part of game development. During the internship in Bohemia Interactive this love got stronger. She was able to get into the development of “Vigor”.  Currently she is still part of the Bohemia Interactive team as a producer where she is able to work on different projects and explore the production side more and more.

My Sessions

The talk will mainly go over Ellen’ s adventure of school going into a full ongoing production in a AAA. The reality vs the dream of development. This talk will mainly be for students or people that want to enter the game industry.