Brad Smith

Creative Director at Miracle Tea Studios

Brad is a young independent multi award winning game developer who started his carreer in games by securing the Tranzfuser grant in 2017 during his final year at the University of Suffolk with the mobile puzzle game Ruya. After years of development on Ruya and a successful launch across mobile game stores, Brad is now working on the newly announced game, Alula, a stargazing gardening game about what it means to be alone in the universe.

My Sessions

“Going at it alone” panel with studio founders – University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk Waterfront Building

In this panel, studio owners and independent creators will discuss how they got started, what the challenges and rewards are for starting your own games studio as opposed to getting a job in the industry. The panel is split between prepared questions by the Game Anglia team and an open-mic Question and Answer session, with […]