3D Modelling Competition for the Student and Indie Awards

Are you a student? Do you possess some insane 3D Modelling skills that you are just itching to show off? Would you like the opportunity for some of your art to be used as a trophy in the Game Anglia 2018 Indie Showcase?

Look no further than Game Anglias own 3D Modelling Competition.

The brief is simple: Design and create a 3D model of a trophy to be awarded at the Indie Showcase 2018. The trophy should be a bespoke piece of work that demonstrates your skills, as well as shows our appreciation of the dedication and talent of game developers. As such the best two entries will be 3D printed and awarded to the Players’ Choice and Best Student Game.

The competition will take place from the 24th September – 6th November. We will be unable to accept any submissions beyond 11:59 on the 6th November.

Submissions will be reviewed, and the winners  will be announced on our website and social media platforms by the 19th October.

There are some rules and requirements to the competition:

  • Your model does not have to be 3D printed. If you would rather submit a piece of art made from another material you are more than welcome. For example, metal or in wood.
  • All applicants must currently be in education, or have graduated and/or left education in the last two years.
  • The trophy must not depict offensive or sexual imagery.
  • The model must be designed to measure no more than 15cm high, and kept to metric scale in the 3D modelling software.
  • Each submission must contain the original 3D modelling file and high quality renders of the model.
  • The model should have a plain white material, unless you are intending to apply colours/textures to it yourself, post printing.

What if I win?

If your submission is selected to be printed, you will be contacted by the 19th October. At that point we will 3D print the model, unless otherwise specified by you. We will look after it until the day of the conference, at which point you will award it to either the Players Choice winner or the Best Student Game winner, along with a member of Game Anglia staff.

You will also receive credit on the website, where we will be bragging about our amazing new trophies, with a link to your own portfolio.